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About the scales and gauges

Posted on April 23 2024

There are quite a few scales/gauges used in the model industries. Sometimes it's pretty confusing for new hobbyists. For train models, popular scales/gauges are listed as below:

Code Scale Gauge Track
Z 1:220 6 mm Standard gauge
N 1:160 9 mm Standard gauge
TT 1:120 12 mm Standard gauge
HOe 1:87 9 mm Narrow gauge (industrial)
HOm 1:87 12 mm Narrow gauge (metre gauge)
HO 1:87 16.5 mm Standard gauge
OO 1:76 16.5 mm Standard gauge(British)
O 1:43.5 - 1:48 32 mm Standard gauge
I 1:32 45 mm Standard gauge
G 1:22.5 45 mm Narrow gauge (metre gauge)


In Lee Kwon, we carry as many gauges as possible. You can shop by scales or filter our product listings by selecting your desired scale. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Disclaimer: The content above reflects personal understanding only and should not be considered as an official statement or description from the manufacturer.


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