Roco/Fleischmann special locomotives “150 Years Brenner Railway” / Brenner 鐵路 150 週年紀念版機車。



Roco (HO) and Fleischmann (N) are pleased to announce the availability of the model of the special locomotive “150 Years Brenner Railway” in the coming autumn.


In cooperation with the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB), the original full-sized model will be running for one year as ambassador for this special anniversary, from May 2017 onwards.

A locomotive has been selected from the Railjet fleet as an advertising medium. It will be showcased not only on the Austrian Westbahn or Semmering, but also in neighbouring countries.


The locomotive is decorated with a large alpine motif created by renowned designer Gudrun Geiblinger. One side of the locomotive stands for the Austrian section of the Brenner and the other for the Italian section. Well-known locomotives are depicted on either side, such as the ÖBB series 1044 or the FS Triebwagen Aln, which were well-known trains on the Brenner Railway, or in some cases still are today.


The current location of the art locomotive can be tracked at all times online with the ÖBB locomotive finder


Roco HO/Fleischmann N 特別版機車, Brenner 鐵路 150 週年紀念。