Fleischmann Digital Starter Set 631581 with sound 數控音效入門套裝


Digital Starter Set “Nebenbahnzug der SBB” “Branchline train of the SBB”, Fleischmann mulitMaus and sound. Epoch III.

The set contains a typical tender locomotive for branchlines, 3 passenger cars, 1 freight car, 1 Fleischmann multiMaus, 1 transformer, PROFI-tracks (8 x 6101, 10 x 6125 and connecting cable) to compose a track layout of a radius R2 and 1 rerailer 6480.

Size of track layout: 168 cm x 88 cm.

數控入門套裝, 音效數控蒸汽機車,三節客運車廂,一節貨運車廂,軌道及數控控制器。


General data
Coupling NEM shaft 362 with KK-kinematics
Interface Electrical interface on traction units PluX16
Digital decoder
Sound yes
Length over buffer 533 mm